Screen Printing

D. Long and Company has a long history of serving Hardin County and the surrounding area with custom-made and high-quality prints. Each project is held to the highest standard, and we are committed to ensuring you love every single item made at D. Long & Co. From tank tops to hoodies, our professionals can print your custom designs on all types of apparel with a minimum order of just 12 items.

How Does Screen Printing Work?

Screen Printing is done using framed screens, emulsion, ink, and your designs. The screens and emulsion become a template by which ink is pressed through.

To begin the screen printing process, every design is digitally separated into layers. These outline layers are later used to create the printing stencils. The original name for screen printing was actually “silk screening”, as frames used to be stretched with a mesh made of silk fibers which acted as the stencil material. Nowadays, this mesh screen is made of stronger, and more durable, synthetic fibers.

For each stencil, an emulsion is evenly spread across the screen. Your design outline is laid over this surface and exposed to light, solidifying the emulsion material in every place except your outline. This area washes out to create a perfect stencil to begin printing.

Each of our screen printed designs is printed manually so that you get a quality, hand-printed product every single time. Your choice of garment is laid underneath the stencil, and one of our professional printers uses a squeegee to press our plastisol ink through the open areas of mesh. This ink is incredibly long-lasting, vivid, and durable for years after printing. Once your design is fully printed, we cure the ink with heat, and your item is ready to wear!

Let’s Get Printing

We can print custom designs up to eight colors. The process used will depend on your design and printing requirements. We’ll always use the process that creates the best print for you. We can print on your choice of apparel from several brands and styles that we offer in-house or on your own garments.

Our screen printed apparel is perfect for all types of businesses, organizations, schools, churches, sports teams, family reunions, and more! We can print orders from a few shirts to a few hundred. Call us today, or come by to see what our team at D. Long & Co. can create for you.

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